We strive to enhance the foundation for artists by creating an environment of exceptional management and empowering creativity

About Us

Grass Fed Music values bringing artists’ dreams to fruition and strives to provide clients with exceptional music management, serving as a solid foundation for success.

We lead one of the top Artist Development Programs, focusing on creating and inspiring artists through our team of experienced managers to create initiatives, accountability, art and the best music. Grass Fed Music ensures that the music we love is handled in a way that protects creative independence and encourages authenticity.


As well as helping artists, we also love developing new managers. We focus on community outreach and building programs to help the artist and managers elevate.


What we value

Grass Fed Music values the idea of doing what you’re scared of and never letting fear or the idea of failure control any part of your path to success. We know with hard work, determination and great music, there is nothing that can stop us! We focus on doing things differently and making better moves. We believe in you even on days that you don’t believe in yourself.