Nael Atweh

Nael began his career in the music industry by focusing on discovering songwriters and producers, getting them successfully signed to publishing companies. For a few years, Nael even developed several boy bands.


Grass Fed Music is merely one part of Nael’s responsibilities, he also co-owns a record label, called White Rabbit Records, as well as a consulting business that focuses on artist development.


Alyce Hayek

Alyce Hayek, formally known for her incredible business development experience, joined Grass Fed Music in early 2019 to help champion GFM’s Artist Development Program whilst also taking a lead on all day-to-day management for GFM management clients. In addition, she creates, communicates and implements the organization’s vision, mission and overall direction.


Alyce has shown her incredible management skills through organization, persistence and incredible hiring infrastructure. This power couple focuses on taking care of their team and clients as they do their own family.

Our Team