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Artist Development

We identify the needs, wants and objectives for each artist that we work with, assessing and tracking key priorities and barriers to success. We will find out what works for you, what isn’t working and identify areas for development.


By creating specific and personalized marketing plans for each release, we guarantee that you will have an impact and personal experience as a developing artist. Marketing methods include but are not limited to promotional guidance, assessing and optimising your social media, administrative direction and digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).


The relationships cultivated throughout your time with Grass Fed Music will open doors and play a massive part in your development as an artist. We will introduce you to the best producers, songwriters, artists and creatives.

Content Schedules

We provide all clients with a social media content schedule to give ideas/inspiration for content on all social media platforms. We believe showcasing your music and who you are as an artist will go hand-in-hand. Utilizing your socials to create authentic and engaging content is a must.

Roll out Schedules

Each single release will have an extensive and personalized breakdown for you to follow that will provide recommendations on how to promote your music via Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This document will be a day by day breakdown with ideas on visual content, promo content, promoting merch, etc.


We will introduce you to a variety of other creatives within the industry, all of which you will be able to keep and cultivate throughout your career. Specifics include, but are not limited to, third-party playlisters, videographers, creatives, photographers and mix engineers.


Building a powerful and unforgettable personal brand is a big focus at Grass Fed Music. We will be working with you directly to demonstrate your specific talents and perspective to enable you to connect with your target audience. 

Development Program

If you’re interested in our Artist Development Program, send us 2 unreleased demos, all social media links, a few sentences as to why you feel you need artist development and why you would be a good fit for our program.

We hand select a few clients every month that we feel Grass Fed Music can develop. Please do not submit if you are not ready to invest into your career. After submission Grass Fed Music will review and schedule a call with you to go over more details.

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Working with Grass Fed Music

Catherine A
"Working with Grass Fed Music has truly been the best thing I've done for my music career. Since being mentored by them I've had more success and confidence in 3 months than ever before. The music industry is tough to tackle and they've saved me from making many mistakes. Grass Fed definitely has all the industry ins & your best interest at heart. I'm so grateful to have them!"
Ivoree X
"Working with Grass Fed Music was an amazing learning experience for me. Learning more in depth about the music industry was crucial for me and is for every serious artist out there trying to make it. I've made some great connections because of the team at Grass Fed and they have helped me grow as an artist and really engraved the importance of consistency in me."
Brando V
"As an independent artist, working with Grass Fed Music has played a key role in properly debuting my music. The dedication this team has to helping make an artist's vision come to life is mind blowing. Grass Fed offered an amazing service tailored uniquely to me and my art, and the learning experience of seeing how the industry professionals get things done was beyond invaluable. Even better, are the people that comprise it."
Gabriella Z
"Working with Grass Fed Music has been so cool. They are all dope people and have been super understanding and patient with me. Grass Fed has been extremely encouraging and supportive, and they have made sure to prioritize my mental health which means the absolute world. I have learned so much about myself and my artistry through working with them and I'm very excited to pick up where I left off."
Nick K
“Grass Fed gave me the confidence to get the ball rolling with my releases and realize the importance of consistency. Nael and Alyce were great help and always had my back no matter what. Chloe is someone you want on your team. She works hard to make sure your vision is brought to life and lends her fantastic ideas to help speed up the process.”
“Working with Grass Fed was such a positive experience. They gave me so much support when I needed it, even with the smallest things. They always pushed me to go bigger and better, brainstormed with me and they became people that I can rely on and trust with my music career. I cannot thank them enough!”