Day to Day Manager



GFM is looking to bring on someone full time that focuses on the below responsibilities. We will be taking interviews next week!


Job Offer


  • Entire team and client scheduling
  • scheduling weekly team calls
  • scheduling all Artist Service Client’s zoom which are bi-weekly
  • any scheduling requests for President and Founder
  • Day to day management for our Artist Service Client’s
  • You would start out with 5 clients and then eventually grow to having 15 clients
  • In the beginning you would be responsible for joining all all Artist Service’s calls to learn how to become independent on your own
  • Respond to your clients’ needs immediately within 15 minutes
  • Bi-weekly zooms, daily management, content schedules, roll out schedules, uploading records to their distributors, outreach to outlets during single release time, and more to come
  • Pitching – info given
  • All you would need to do is scout for potential artists that are a good fit for our program and DM them information, then follow through with a email to share with them our deck
  • If they are interested, then you schedule a “pitch call” for the President or Founder
  • Other responsibilities to follow depending on your progress




  • 8:30 am-7pm Monday – Friday
  • 10am-3pm Saturdays (Light work day – this is just to handle any incoming texts from your clients, no meetings)
  • Sundays are OFF




  • Depending on experience
  • Plus Commission
  • 48 hours sick leave, based on an 8-hour day giving 6 days per year
  • 24 hours vacation PTO, based on an 8-hour day giving 3 days per year