Kami Kehoe


Las Vegas-based artist Kami Kehoe is a masterful fusion of the past and the present, channeling the timeless essence of soul into a modern alternative-rock sound that leaves a lasting, nostalgic imprint on your musical soul.

Kami Kehoe

Sleep When I'm Dead
- Kami Kehoe

Sleep When I’m Dead – Kami Kehoe out now


Kami’s dedication to conveying a profound message to the world through her music is the cornerstone of her artistry and the driving force behind her movement “KURE THE WORLD”.

She’s a dynamic drummer, known for her electrifying performances that set the stage ablaze. Not content with just her musical craft, she also possesses an impressive skill set in the world of visual arts, directing and producing her own music videos and content, ensuring that her artistic vision remains authentic and captivating. Currently, Kami Kehoe is making waves in the vibrant music scenes of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, with a recent sold-out performance at the renowned Hotel Café as a testament to her growing popularity.

Kami started her journey at 6 years old in a rock band with her two sisters primarily as the drummer, backup vocalist, and writer. Through the years grew into her solo artistry while she keeping her roots in the alternative rock space!